Network Marketing and the Internet

If you would have asked me a couple of years ago if I would join a network marketing company, I probably would have responded like a majority of people: "No way, they are a bunch of scams!" Yet, I am involved with a network marketing company and it has been a positive experience for me so far. There is a huge reason why this is and I'll explain below.

Using the Internet for Network Marketing

Many network marketers are achieving success with MLM due in large part to the internet. If you have ever been involved with MLM in the past or have read about it, then you may know that a majority of people have had a negative experience. This may be due to lack of sales, spending more on the products and/or services than they've earned, and being unable to build up a network of distributors for themselves.

Before many networkers began using the internet, the only way to make sales and recruit new distributors was through hitting the pavement and making as many contacts as possible. These methods still work today but thanks to the world wide web, you can make sales and recruit without leaving your home. In fact, this is exactly how I run my own network marketing business.

I still speak with people face-to-face when appropriate but for the most part, I utilize the internet through the use of websites to promote products and build my own team of distributors.

What You Need to Market Online

Thankfully, I had always had an interest in internet marketing. I took what I learned over the years and simply applied it to my MLM business. If you are completely new to the web and want to use it to market your MLM biz, here are some essentials you should use and learn more about:

Web Presence - You should have your own website, one that is separate from the duplicate site that your MLM company may provide. The reason for this is for branding yourself and promoting products or services.

Internet Marketing - This involves learning how to rank your website and web pages in the search engines. In a nutshell, you will need to become familiar with keywords, backlinking, writing content, and more. There's a lot of information online but try not to get caught up in purchasing information products. You can find plenty for free.

Email Marketing - More commonly referred to as "building a list." I use an autoresponder (Aweber) for my lists. An autoresponder makes it easy to automate messages and communicate with your subscribers.

Paid Advertising - This is optional and I don't personally use it but for those who have the budget, paying for advertising can help build a business fast. Many network marketers use specialized services to find new leads.

Be Realistic

Will the internet make network marketing easier? Perhaps. Marketing online takes time. Just because you have a website does not mean you will have millions of visitors. You will have to put in the time marketing and have the patience to get results. Once you get the hang of things, over time, it will become easier and you will learn how to automate a majority of the work.

You can always continue to promote offline while you build up your online presence. I think it helps to do both.