Four Years of Worry Free

Small Business Web Hosting

Back in the day when I began to search for a good Web hosting service, I bounced from one company to the next because as my needs grew, the more expensive it was to host with them. They would charge extra for simple add-ons like an additional database. I quickly became frustrated until one day when a good friend sent me a link to Dreamhost.

Needless to say, I was skeptical but my friend told me she had no problems with their Web hosting service. At the time they were running this great deal (which they do quite often) and I signed up. I haven't looked back and it has been four years since I made the switch.

What I Love About Dreamhost

You can shop around for other Web hosting services and most of them offer the same thing. So what keeps me with Dreamhost?

Technical Support - It's rare that I ever need to contact technical support but when I do, I get a quick response and my problem is solved within a matter of minutes. They make it so easy to contact them. A few clicks and brief explanation is all it ever takes to resolve an issue.

Features - They offer everything a Web geek like myself would like such as various programming languages (PHP, Ruby, Perl), unlimited domain hosting, unlimited subdomain hosting, free WHOIS privacy, unlimited email addresses - the list goes on and on!

Control Panel - Dreamhost created their own control panel which is super easy to use. I can set-up a new domain and email addresses myself. I can install cool software like Wordpress for blogs and Zen Cart for an ecommerce shopping cart using their one-click install.

Screenshot of the Control Panel

Which of the Plans is Right for My Small Business?

Whenever a new client asks me for a Web hosting recommendation I immediately point them to Dreamhost. Depending on your current needs, a shared hosting plan will probably work well. Don't worry — as your needs grow, you will always have the option to upgrade plans. The shared hosting plan offers more space and features than you could possibly need:

500 GB of disk storage (that is more than enough space for most small business Web sites!)

Disk storage increases weekly by 2 GB (honestly, you should never run out of space)

5.0 TB of monthly bandwidth (increases weekly by 40 GB)

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Can you see why I have stuck around for four years? I seriously have no complaints! It's nice not having to worry about Web hosting. They offer several payment plans but the most common is the one year pre-paid $9.95 a month service. I recommend that to my clients and some have saved even more money by pre-paying for 2 years or more. They know that they will be hosting their Web sites for years to come.

How to Get Started

Click on the link below and you will be taken to the Dreamhost site. They are almost always offering a sign-up special so be sure to check it out. Otherwise, for most users, a shared hosting plan will be what you'll want to choose. You can select how you want to pay (monthly or pre-paid yearly.)

Use my promo-code: "YEARLYLEVEL1" when signing up and recieve a $45.00 discount!