What to Consider when Creating a Business Web Site

If you're considering starting a business or already have one, then a web presence is a necessity. Typically when potential customers want to learn more about you and your products or services, they will hit up the web first. The very basic you should have is some information about your business:

Services and products


Mission statement

Hours of operation


Contact information

You'll also want to include an "about" section which goes into some detail about you and your team if applicable. People generally like to get to know who is behind the company. It builds more of a trust factor when you share a little bit about yourself. You don't need to put personal information like your favorite color, birthdate, etc., but at least talk about how and why you started your business.

Don't Stay Static

Having a web site up is only the beginning. It also helps to engage people by keeping them coming back. One easy way to do this is by giving away a lot of informative content pertaining to your industry. A blog is probably the easiest way to put out a lot of content and keep people coming back for more. There are several reasons why a blog works well for attracting new customers and maintaining the ones you have:

Easy for people to subscribe to a blog (via RSS or email)

Write often and use good keywords to help rank well in the search engines

Other bloggers like to link to good info - great way for free traffic

Establishes credibility making you an expert in your field

Instant feedback when users comment on your articles

You can build a following

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and More

It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the social media sites out there but I recommend sticking with the big three. Social media web sites are optional, however, they are a great way to really boost traffic and find new customers. The key here is to be as informative as you are with your blog. Nobody will really care what you are eating for breakfast or that you are picking up your dry cleaning.

Share tips, advice, link to your articles, and interact with other users. These services are free and millions of people subscribe to them. Create helpful videos on YouTube and display your URL for viewers to learn more about you. Look at these web sites as free traffic sources.

What you want to avoid is spamming. Constantly promoting your business is a sure way to lose followers. Balance it all out and you won't come across as a spammer.

Establishing a web presence is a must. Ongoing promotion takes some effort but it all pays off over time with more traffic, new customers, and a loyal following.